Don’t miss our DA (Direct Air) Kit video.


HyperRestore “Soft Original” (assembled)




Soft Original components (exploded view)




DA Kit (Direct Air=no balloons)

DA Kit



SOFT Original Kit (uses balloons)

HypeRestore Soft Original Kit



Older Model (obsolete)

The pictures below are of the first, Original¬† HypeRestore, which had a hard inner cone. The Original has been upgraded to the Soft Original–both cones made of soft and grippy silicone.

Though these photos are somewhat obsolete, we’re leaving them up for reference.


“Sombrero Mode”

This photo demonstrates the wonderful softness and ease of use of the HyperSkin outer cone. Its soft design lets you flip it down right onto you, after you’ve rolled your skin onto the outer cone. We’ve come to call it “Sombrero Mode”. Contrast this with others’ products which use modified silicone baby bottle nipples, a material which is harder and less flexible, rendering them less comfortable and harder to use. Still other products have outer cones which are so hard that a mode like this is not possible at all. Balloon here is shown inflated just for demonstration purposes. Inflate after mounting. But this is about the amount of inflation most beginners would have.


HyperRestore Assembled (Center)

HyperSkin Outer Cone pulled back a little for contrast. Both inner and outer cones actually have the same angle. So when the outer cone is pulled down, it lies flush against the inner cone.


HyperRestore Assembled (Left)



HyperRestore Assembled (Right)



HyperRestore Kit



HypeRestore Kit (Overhead View)

The 1-way valves in these photos had already been used by the photographer, hence the moisture inside :) . Your valves will arrive dry, but you should blow water (then air) through them on a daily basis to keep them clean inside and sealing well. Even when empty, the valves will have some residual moisture or condensate, as shown here.


Included Accessories

These are the accessories which come with the HyperRestore Kit.
Shown here is everything but the inner and outer cones.


HyperSkin Retainer (Outer Cone)

Large photo of the soft outer cone.


Inner (Hard) Cone


Large photo of HyperRestore’s hard inner cone.


HyperRestore Cones


All 3 HyperRestore “cones” for size comparison.
Please note: the cones in this and some other photos were unintentionally photographed inside-out. You can tell due to the bevel showing at the wide end. Plus the cone is not quite perfectly straight when inside-out. So, let this be instructional to all of us as to the right way to orient the Hyperskin grippers ;) .


Outer vs. Inner Gripper (Size Comparison)


HyperSkin Inner Gripper beside Outer Cone, for size comparison.


Inner Gripper


Large photo of optional Inner Gripper.


Inner Gripper (Mounted)


Inner Gripper mounted on Hard Cone.
The Inner Gripper was developed at the request of some forum members who were concerned about not having a highly tacky surface on the inner side. While we don’t believe there is a problem with skin pulling out from the less-tacky hard cone material, the Inner Gripper certainly does keep that skin gripped like a pit bull. Our personal experience at HypeRestore is less comfort (somewhat counterintuitively) with it on. However, some users love it. We’ve discovered it has other uses, such as you can try using it as a low-profile/smaller alternative outer cone. When used this way, the thinness can lead to a smaller perceived equipment size. Pick one up for extra flexibility or if you like to experiment.