Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes! We use nondescript packaging and addressing, normally just a standard padded envelope. There will be NO reference to foreskin, restoration, penises, or anything of that nature. Even the name/site “HyperRestore” will not be used on the shipping packaging or return address. We know this is important to a lot of our customers. We understand, and value your privacy.

Do you ship internationally? / Do you ship to my country?

Yes! Many of our customers live outside America.

International shipping fee:
$13.50 USD (flat rate)
$8 to Canada
You can confirm this in your Shopping Cart.
We do not profit from shipping fees. We keep your shipping cost as low as possible! We wish we could provide free shipping internationally, but the extra postage cost is too high.

Did you get my order? / What is my tracking number?

What is my tracking number?
We are a small operation. To keep things simple and keep costs down, we do not send out tracking numbers, nor order confirmation emails. (We can look it up if there’s a problem.) We’ve been in business for years, and have a great reputation. We apologize… we know you’re excited to get your Restoration device!  But rest assured, you will get your order soon!

Did you get my order?
If you placed your order and saw the Order Confirmation page at the end of checkout, rest assured we got your order. PayPal is our payment system and shopping cart system. It’s extremely reliable. We would like that you not ask if we got your order, unless you really think something wrent wrong–in which case, ask away.

How soon do you ship?
1-3 business days.

How long does shipping take?

USA delivery:
Please allow up to 10 business days.

Outside USA:
It varies, but typical time is 2-4 weeks.

Should I contact you about shipping status/tracking?
Normally, no. If you haven’t received your order within 10 business days (for USA) or 3 weeks (internationally), please do contact us. (We’ve had a few international shipments take up to 6 weeks, but this is rare.)
Otherwise, please know you will receive your order in a timely manner.
In our experience, mail delivery is very reliable, even internationally.

How do I measure my size?

We make a range of sizes, so we need to know the width of your glans.

1. Put a ruler or tape measure below your penis.
2. Measure side to side (NOT circumference).

Measuring for Sizing

Get the picture?
- Measure while flaccid. (Not hard, just normal.)
- Either inches or metric, it doesn’t matter.
– If your penis varies in size, we recommend using the smaller measurement.
The device can comfortably and effectively sit a bit forward on your glans if it’s a bit small, especially if you have enough skin. (Some even prefer this.) But being too wide is bad.

My device deflates. Why?

The valve needs to stay wet inside.
This is in our instructions.
Use the included syringe to gently flow clean water through the valve. (Filtered water is even better, but not necessary at all.)
Water keeps the rubber valve supple, so it seals properly.
Do this on a regular basis.
Eventually, valves wear out. But our latest valves are good quality, and last a long time. We include a backup valve with the kit, just in case.

If you keep an airtight seal on your skin, and the valve is working, the device should remain inflated.

Can I convert an Original to a DA?

Unfortunately, the Original and DA kits are not inter-compatible.
You can’t make a DA out of an Original, or vice vesa.

This is not to sell more devices, but due to different shape and material firmness that were found to be uniquely necessary for each design. (We did try.)
But, we keep price low and quality high. So even you bought both kits, it’s is still an exceptional value in Restoration.

Most people who buy a HypeRestore foreskin restoration device, have already purchased multiple other brands.
And the device you’re using now probably cost more than a HyperRestore kit, right?
Even if you buy both devices, what is Restoration worth to you long-term, if the devices actually work?
If you’re reading this, you’ve probably learned what we have: the real problem is not cost, but finding Restoration devices which actually work and fit correctly, and are comfortable enough to actually use! You’ve found that here.

Our Recommendation:
If you have enough skin to use the DA, well… it’s awesome. Get that.
If you’re just starting and still tight (no coverage), use the Original until you can use a DA.
The Original was a revolution in comfort. The DA is a revolution in convenience.

If you have both devices, changing between them could speed up your Restoration. The way they pull skin, or the areas that get stretched the most, are slightly different between devices.