Welcome to HyperRestore 

The World’s Best And Most Comfortable Foreskin Restoration System



The HyperRestore Foreskin Restoration system was invented to address flaws of previous popular Foreskin Restoration products and methods. What evolved became the most comfortable, effective Foreskin Restoration device on the market. Whether this is your first device, or your third, we believe it’ll be your last.

We follow the “KISS” principle (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”). The amazing thing about our solution is that while it is simpler than most other Foreskin Restoration devices, it manages to work better, while being more comfortable too. Since this brainchild was borne directly out of frustration with other products and techniques, let’s take a look at some of the factors which led to HyperRestore’s creation.



  • With tapeless devices, the “other guys'” outer retainer cones are too hard, inflexible, and slippery (ours is wonderfully soft and “tacky”).
  • “Other guys” use a hard pusher against the glans (we use a soft balloon).
  • Other devices frequently fall off (HyperRestore usually stays on, even in case of unintended deflation).
  • Discomfort of other devices, especially after extended wear (we believe ours is the most comfortable device on the market).
  • Inconsistent tension with strap-based methods.



Can you believe there are a number of Restoration systems out there which typical beginners can’t even get mounted as-designed? You may know this from experience. While we cannot guarantee that every beginner will be able to mount our system, we do believe you’ll have a better chance of actually being able to use our system right away, than any other system out there. Most Restoration system websites do not even address the topic of beginners! A lot seem to assume you come to them with significant Restoration already. This makes sense, as makers of these devices normally have developed them in frustration for their own selves, only after they’ve already gotten a significant amount of growth.

If you can roll your shaft skin over your glans, you’ll probably be able to use our system successfully. Other systems require already having a significant amount of coverage or rollover. We see that as a catch-22. Our thought on that is: if you’ve already gotten that far, what do you need another system for? Beginning is the most difficult part! Our goal is for the device to be usable to as many newbies as possible, all the way through to total Restoration!



HyperRestore was originally known as HypeRestore (pronounced the same way, but not everyone always did). You may still see it referred-to elsewhere this way, and are welcome to keep calling it that if you’re used to it. Whether you spell it HyperRestore, or HypeRestore — it’s Hyper, not Hype!